Who can add a resume listing on Spare Staff?

It’s easy to become a Poster to list an Employee on Spare Staff and almost anyone can be a Poster. It’s free to sign up and list an Employee.

If you are a job seeker, simply sign up (Free) and list yourself on Spare Staff. Once your listing is published, employers can immediately search and find you on our platform.

If you know someone who is ready for work, for example, you represent an employment agency helping others to find jobs, you can list that person profile up on Spare Staff for employers to hire him/her.

If you are an owner of a company, or you are the HR manager of your company, and your company has employees that are available to work at another firm (of your choice), you want to reduce your financial pressure (from wages), you can list those employees on Spare Staff to share the employees to other companies.

In either case, you should obtain consent from the employee to list him/her profile on our platform.