What is Spare Staff and how does it work?

Spare Staff is a Freemium job site, for job seekers to find jobs, for employers to find employees, and more to come.

In more details, Spare Staff is an e-Commerce marketplace, social platform for employers to post jobs, search, review, and hire employees online. Job seekers can create their own profile, to which they can add resume, skills, experiences, languages, education, etc and use it to apply for jobs. We make it easier for both job seekers and employers to find each other.

Traditionally, companies post job ads to attract job seekers, and job seekers apply with resumes and cover letter. Spare staff is built with a vision to transform the traditional recruitment process into an easy “online shopping” experience.

Post FREE job ads

Hirers can post FREE job ads for job seekers to apply. Job seekers will build their “online resume” (called a Listing) to apply for jobs. Job seekers only need to build their online resume once and re-use it to apply to multiple jobs in just ONE click.

We make it easier for both job seekers and hirers to find the right match.

Quick candidate search

Hirers can quickly find the right candidates just by clicking the search button on our website. Search filters help quickly narrow down your searches to find the right candidates.

Painless job hunting

Every team member at Spare Staff is a job seeker ourselves. We understand the frustration of applying to hundreds of job ads but not getting replies. On our platform, you create your best profile and let employers find you instead.


Spare Staff is committed to providing a secured transaction between employers and employees. Both parties can provide feedback once the contract is completed. Employers and employees can also terminate the employment contract anytime if the employment contract has finished or if things to do not work out.

Partnered with many businesses

Spare Staff is partnered with many businesses across different industries in Australia. This allows job seekers to increase their chances of getting hired by creating a single profile and businesses to get access to candidates looking for work.

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