What is “Skills” in my resume listing?

When you list an employee, or edit an existing employee listing, you will see a “Skills” box to enter skills that the employee has experience with. It looks likes this:

Skills textbox

Above that “Skills” box is another larger box where it says “Please describe the employee skills, strength, expertise, experience, etc”:

Experience Skills description box

This box lets you type in all details that you can to showcase what the employee is capable of. However it is not possible for hirers to search within this box. Thus, we include the “Skills” box for you to enter the skills there to help employers easily search for your employee. Hirers can search with keywords to look for employees, and we will compare these keywords against the Skills that you entered to find best matches for the search.

How to enter Skills

Start typing a skill that you want to include, space between words is accepted. When you’ve finished typing a skill in, hit Enter to include it. Continue to typing again to add a second skill in. And so on, there is no limit.

Examples of Skills

“Word”, “Excel”, “MYOB Premier”, “Content writing”, “waiter”, “waitress”, “Javascript”, “WordPress”, “UTS student”, “UNSW post graduate”, “it can have ten words or anything”