What is Open-to-Work candidate?

Note: Open-to-Work is still under refinement. We’ll update this page accordingly.

An Open-to-Work candidate is a job seeker who has joined Spare Staff and confirmed that he/she was looking for jobs. The candidate can specify job preference such as location, wage, job type (eg Full time), classification (eg Wait Staff / Food & Beverage Attendant, and/or Hotel – Room Attendant).

We will automatically match the job seeker with jobs and show resume to the hirers.

The hirers can contact the job seeker to make an offer that meet the job seeker’s requirements.

Note: a candidate who has specified that he/she was looking for jobs as Waiter, will not be shown in other ads such as Kitchenhand ads.

Why Open-to-Work

Open-to-Work ensures a job seeker never miss an open opportunity, and hirers never miss a great candidate.

Many job seekers are already working in a job, or have other commitments hence unable to go job hunting 24/7. Our auto job matching helps job seekers find jobs while they’re busy and help employers find job seekers who are open to job offers that meet their requirements.

As a job seeker: How to set up Open-to-Work

After logging in, click on the avatar icon menu at the top right corner, then click Auto Job Matching link to set it up along with your requirements for jobs.

Once a week, you must confirm that you’re still looking for jobs, otherwise your Open-to-Work will stop and we will not show your resume in matched jobs anymore.

Note that you will need to have a resume ready to set up Open-to-Work. Apply for a job first to build your resume.

As a hirer: How to find Open-to-Work candidates

After you have posted a job ad, you will see Open-to-Work candidates in your job ad’s applications.

You can send an interview request to Open-to-Work candidate.

Only paid ads will show candidate’s contacts.