What happens if my Hirer ends hiring?

Your Hirer can choose to end your hiring contract after you have accepted it. Similarly, you can choose to end the hiring contract after you have accepted it.

If your Hirer ends your hiring contract, we’ll notify you by email.

Final payment

If there is any money left in escrow, the Hirer will be asked to make a final payment. If the final payment is less than the amount in escrow, you will be asked to confirm if you agree to refund your Hirer the remaining fund. You need to respond to the email within 7 days.

If you agree with the refund, or if you do not respond within 7 days, the fund will be refunded to the Hirer.

If you disagree with the refund, one of our team members will step in to help resolve any dispute.

Withdrawn hiring request

An withdrawn hiring request is different from an ended hiring contract.

A Hirer can withdraw his/her hiring requests before you have accepted it. There is no fee to both parties to withdraw the request.