What happens if a Hirer decides to hire me?

After you have listed your profile (Employee listing) on Spare Staff, Hirers can browse, search and find your profile on our platform.

When a Hirer has read your listing and the Hirer is interested in hiring you, he will select “Start Date”, “End Date”, days of the week, start time and end time for each day, a weekly after-tax wage offer.

After making the selection, and the Hirer decides to hire your Employee, he will need to click on “Request to hire” button to proceed to next steps. He will be asked to give some information about his company, where your Employee is expected to work, introductory message, and payment method of his choice.

When the Hirer has completed the hiring request, both the Hirer and you will receive an email about the request. No payment is processed at this time.

In the email, you will some details of the hiring request and options to Accept or Decline the request. Alternatively, you can find the request by logging into your account on Spare Staff, then click on your profile photo/avatar at the top right corner, select Your Listings from the drop down menu:

then select Your Reservations at the left:

you will find the hiring request on the main window that has a “Pending” status:

click on “Accept or Decline” link of that hiring request to respond to the request.

It is important that you respond promptly to hiring requests so that the Hirer can finalize their recruitment quickly. There is a 48 hour window for Posters to respond to Hirer’s hiring request.

You can always send messages to the Hirer through our messaging platform to ask further questions about the hiring or about their company.

Keep in mind that, the Hirer has options to withdraw the hiring request before it has been accepted, and the Hirer also has options to end the hiring contract even after it has been accepted. You can also end the hiring after it has been accepted. If you want to make changes to the hiring, you will need to discuss with the Hirer through own messaging platform and ask him/her to change.

After you have accepted the hiring request, you should wait till your Hirer has assigned rosters to you and has activated & funded the first roster before start working for the Hirer. You will be notified by email when your Hirer has activated & funded the first roster. The fund is securely held in our Escrow. Once you have delivered the work for the first roster, the Hirer will need to release the fund to your account. When the fund has become available, you can withdraw the fund to your nominated bank account.

To learn more about how Payouts work and when you will get paid, click here.