What do I do after the Employee completes the work?

When your Employee completes the work and rosters you’ve assigned, you or the Poster can end the hiring. You can also leave a review for your employee, as well as your experience with Spare Staff.

If the Poster ends the hiring first, we’ll send you an email and refund the money in escrow to your account if necessary. Similarly, if you end the hiring, the Poster will also receive a notification email.

So what if there’s money left in escrow? You can choose to make a final payment to the Employee. If the final payment amount is less than the amount in escrow, the Poster will be informed if he/she agreed to refund the leftover amount to you. The Poster has 7 days to respond.

If the Poster agrees with the refund, or does not respond within 7 days, the leftover fund will be refunded to you.

If the Poster disagrees with the refund, one of our team members will step in to assist to resolve any conflict.

If you’d like to rehire the Employee, check whether they’re still available and advise them on changing their Publication Date, when required. You can find your past hires in the “Your Hirings” tab of your account.

Once this is settled, go to Your Hirings > View Hiring > Rehire. This will take you to the Request to Hire box, where you can repeat the hiring process again.