Message delivery status

When you send a message via our messaging to another user, there are 3 statuses of the message:

  • Sent
  • Read
  • Failed

Note: right after sending a message, the message status may not update automatically. This depends on the recipient’s email settings, web browser settings. You’ll need to reload the page to see updated status.


The message has been accepted by our email server and placed in queue to be sent to the recipient email server.

Similar real life example: You have put a parcel through at local post office for it to be processed.


The email recipient opened the email and enabled image viewing. The recipient may or may not have read all message content.

Similar real life example: The destination’s local post office has delivered the parcel to the recipient’s address. The parcel has been opened but we don’t know if the recipient has fully checked the parcel or know its content.


Our email server could not deliver the email to the recipient email server.

There are several reasons why this could happen:

  • hard bounces (eg invalid email address such as typo error), or
  • soft bounces, eg. recipient email is over quota, or
  • previously unsubscribed / bounced / complain (eg recipient marked our email as spam)
  • some other reasons

In this case, the recipient will not receive any email notification about your message.

The only way for the recipient to see your message is by logging into his/her account on our website and open Inbox.

Similar real life example: The recipient home address is invalid, or the parcel was rejected by the recipient. However, the recipient can check the parcel content by checking our website.