Job insights – See who’s been shortlisted for a job

As an applicant, you can view who has been shortlisted for a job that you’ve applied for.

Click on the avatar icon at the top right corner – Your Jobs – click on the Job insights button.

You’ll then see an overview of candidates who have been:

  • Shortlisted
  • Interview
  • Offer
  • Hired

You will see “Congratulations. You are Shortlisted” (or Interview, Offer, Hired) if you are in any of the selected candidates.

This may help you learn why these candidates were selected and improve your applications.

Experience, qualifications are not always the main factor why a candidate is selected. Many other factors will affect the employer’s decision:

  • Candidate profile photo
  • Location
  • Availability
  • Timing (the application reaches the hirer at the right time)
  • The number of applications
  • A well-written-resume: readable by Application Tracking System (ATS) such as .docx, .pdf files
  • How responsive a candidate is when replying to phone calls, messages (a good indicator of how passionate the candidate is about the job)
  • Asking wage
  • The hirer’s personal preference and past experience in hiring, etc

Why some jobs have no shortlisted candidates?

We provide tools for hirers to sort applications, which helps us give applicants the insights. However, this tool is optional for hirers to use.

If a job has no insights yet (there are no candidates in Shortlisted, Interview, Offer, Hired list), it does not mean that no candidate has been selected.

This simply means that:

  • The hirer chose not to use our tool to sort applications (or unaware of it). This is very common.
    For example: the hirer may use their own external application tracking system. Or, the hirer may just memorize shortlisted candidates instead. Or
  • The role has been filled outside the applications on our website.
    For example: hired someone after face-to-face discussion, hired someone on other job sites. Or
  • The hiring is temporarily on hold. Or
  • The hirer hasn’t selected any candidates yet.

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