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Instant Jobs

Unlike a temp agency, Spare Staff Instant Jobs helps companies find workers faster.

And, our app makes it easier for workers to find jobs quickly, get paid, and live life on their terms.

No more lengthy resume shortlisting, interviews, waiting.



Spare Staff online platform enables companies to post jobs and hire labour on demand, unlike rigid and fixed staffing models.

Workers have the flexibility to access the Spare Staff app and accept available jobs wherever and whenever they want to work.

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Companies use Spare Staff to post their jobs and connect with experienced and locally available workers who are eager and ready to work.

Workers can use Spare Staff to help them find jobs and uplevel job skills, discover new industries, and more.

Instant Jobs on Spare Staff

Spare Staff’s Instant Jobs is an innovative online staffing platform that connects available workers with companies in different industries that need jobs filled in the near future.

As an employer, you may have entry-level jobs that need to be filled fast. There is no need for a time-consuming shortlisting and interviewing process.

Spare Staff cuts through this process and lets qualified workers accept the job instantly, reducing time-to-fill significantly for employers, making it easier for workers to earn extra income. No resume, no interviews required.

Whether you’re a worker looking for short-term jobs to make some extra income or to build your skills in a different industry, or you’re a company looking for experienced, local workers to help out, you’ve come to the right place.

Spare Staff is not a staffing agency. We’re a marketplace for employers to post jobs and qualified workers to accept the jobs instantly.

Job Seekers

Looking for new and better ways to find work? You’re not alone. Thousands of people in Sydney use Spare Staff to find short-term jobs based on their interests, skills, and availability in order to supplement their income, explore a new trade, and much more.

find instant jobs on Spare Staff
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Find Workers

If your company needs more than what a staffing agency can provide, it’s time to try something different. Through Spare Staff online platform, your business can post jobs that local experienced workers looking for work can instantly view, helping you slash lead time for finding workers from several weeks down to one day. And, you only pay for jobs filled through the platform.


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