I hired an employee, what’s next?

After sending a hiring request, the Poster has 48 hours to respond to your offer. Until then, the hiring status is Pending. The request will expire if the Poster does not respond within 48 hours.

Once the Poster responds to your hiring request, you will receive a confirmation email. This includes a message from the Poster and details from the hiring request. You can view your accepted hiring request in two ways:

  1. From your confirmation email: Click on the orange hyperlink “View Your Hirings”, or
  2. From your Spare Staff account: On the “Your Hirings” tab, you can view all your current and past hires. The hiring status will change from “Pending” to “Accepted” if the Poster accepts the request.

In Your Hirings, you can manage your hirings including adding and editing rosters, paying the Employee, messaging the Poster, and ending hirings.

First, add a roster specifying the days and times you would like your Employee to work, as well as the after-tax wage. Then, click save and we will send your roster to the Poster via email. You can add multiple rosters at a time and change inactive rosters when required (active rosters cannot be changed). Then, activate and fund the next roster with your chosen billing method. This will be securely saved in Escrow.

The rosters are prefilled using the weekly default roster that you submitted with the hiring request. However, you can change these days and times manually. You might want to check with your Employee before you make any changes to their roster.

Once the Employee completes their work and roster period, you can pay the Employee by releasing funds from Escrow. This needs to be done before activating the next roster.