I have accepted a Hirer’s hiring request? What’s next?

Once you have accepted a Hirer’s hiring request, the status of the hiring will change from Pending to Accepted.

You can send the Hirer messages to confirm the finer details about the job and onboarding process.

The Hirer will need to assign rosters for you. When the Hirer is ready for you to start work, the Hirer will need to activate and fund the first roster.

Payment will then be placed in escrow by Spare Staff, and securely held until your have completed the first roster.

Once you have completed the work, the Hirer will need to release payment from escrow to your account before he/she can activate the next roster.

The Hirer can choose to release a partial amount from escrow for the roster (e.g. you could not complete the full roster). Any leftover money in escrow can be used to fund the next roster.

Should there be any disagreement about payment, Spare Staff can help with our free dispute resolution service.