How long does it take to receive updates on my job application?

Hire Slow, Fire Fast” is what all hiring managers need to do.

Generally it may take weeks or even months to fill a role.

Why “Hire Slow”?

Think about a time when you were planning to buy a new $1000 phone, how long did it take you to make that decision? Some weeks, or maybe months perhaps. Hence, when you need to commit to paying someone $30k-$50k+, it definitely will take time. And it should! Because, we’re not talking about a device where you can just dispose or return here, we’re talking about a human being who has emotion and may have a family.

Business circumstances may change which affect hiring decisions. Did you have some other thoughts when you wanted to buy that phone? The same thing happens in businesses, quite often actually.

If a job is filled within days, usually it’s an exception rather than the norm. Keep this in mind.

In the meantime, you can view Who’s been shortlisted for the jobs that you’ve applied for here