How does it work when Spare Staff verifies identity?

We try to make our community as safe and secure as possible for everyone. As a job seeker, you want to work at a safe workplace. As a hirer, you want to know the person who will work for your company is who he/she says he is in his/her online profile. That’s why, before an employee is listed, or before a hirer can request to hire an employee, we may ask for a government ID or have you confirm your legal name and add your address.

This information helps us keep Spare Staff secure, fight fraud, and more – and you only need to do this once.

How it works when Spare Staff verifies identity

We may ask you to provide your legal name and address to verify that you are who you are online. If you’re listing your profile, we may ask you to provide legal name and photo of a government ID (e.g. driver licence, passport, or national identity card). Additionally, you may be asked to take a brand new photo yourself. This is different from your profile photo and your listing’s profile photo.

If you’re asked to take a photo of yourself, it needs to match the photo on your photo ID, and the ID must be valid. If the photos don’t match, or your ID doesn’t appear to be valid, your listing will not show up in search results, or your hiring reservation might be cancelled.

You may have a few options for confirming your identity:

  • Take a photo of your ID using your phone
  • Take a photo using the camera on your computer or mobile device
  • Upload an existing photo of your ID
  • Add your legal first and last name
  • Add your address (this should match where you get banking documents or utility bills)

This process helps create a safer community on our platform. However it is not a guarantee of someone’s identity, or an assurance that interacting with them will be safe. Always use your own best judgement, and follow our safety tips for posters and hirers.

When you’ll be asked to confirm your identity

This may happen for a couple of reasons. For example, some hirers require their employees to complete identity verification in order to work for their firms.

There are also times when Spare Staff will ask you to confirm your identity to help us make sure you’re really you, who will be working at hirer’s firm is whom the hirer expects.

Be assured that Spare Staff will always keep the ID safe and secure. We will never share the ID to anyone else who uses our platform.

You don’t have to complete ID verification straight away when you add your listing, you can always finish the listing first and add the ID in later in Your Listings – click on Manage Listing.