How do I work out a wage offer to a Poster?

Before you hire an Employee, you’ll need to make a wage offer along with your hiring request. This is an after-tax figure, as in a net income. The amount depends on the role, as well as their minimum asking rate. Note: Hirers can search for employees using the price filter given a specific price range they’re willing to offer.

When calculating the wage offer, consider these factors:

  1. The wage offer is after-tax amount: Make sure you’ve calculated tax amount to be withheld and enter the after-tax amount.
  2. There may be other fees that you need to pay outside our platform. For example, super contribution, worker compensation.

Using these factors, work out your wage offer along with the Employee’s job description in your hiring request. The Poster has 48 hours to respond to this offer. If you would like to introduce yourself and communicate with the Poster first, click Contact Poster in the Request to Hire box to use our messaging platform.