How do I pay my employee?

* Using our online roster and escrow payment system is completely optional

To create rosters for a hiring, you are required to activate and fund the rosters using your chosen billing method. Only one roster can be funded at a time. This payment will be securely held in Escrow. Once the Employee completes the roster and you are happy with their work, click Pay Now. This releases the amount funded in escrow, or the amount you specify.

During the rostered period, if you and your Employee have an agreement which would change the roster payment, or you believe that the Employee’s work is unsatisfactory and does not deserve the full wage amount, you can enter any amount up to the money funded in escrow. If you are required to pay the Employee more than the amount funded (for example, call ins), you can compensate by altering the next roster to your needs.

An email will be received by both you (the Hirer) and the Poster about the payment made. After paying your Employee, remember to activate a new roster before it starts.