How do I hire an employee on Spare Staff

Hiring an employee on Spare Staff is as easy as doing your online shopping!

Start with a search

On our homepage, enter keywords for your search, select optional classifications and sub-classifications, enter preferred location for your search and click the Search button.

In the keyword box (first box on the left), you can try searching by name of the role that you’re filling. For example: “Waiter”, or “Web designer”, search results will show available candidates who are interested in the roles, or who have had related experience with the roles.

You can also try searching by skills of candidates that you’re looking for. For example: “Javascript”, or “WordPress”, search results will show available candidates who have listed these skills in their listings.

In search result page, you can further narrow down your search by applying search filters:

  • Date: select start and end date that you want to hire. This will filter out candidates who are not available between the dates.
  • Work type: specify if you’re looking for full-time, or part-time, or casual roles. For example, if you’re looking for one who is available full-time, this will filter out candidates who are not available full-time.
  • Price: Each candidate has set a minimum hourly rate that he/she expects to get paid. This will filter out candidates who are expecting a rate that is higher (or lower) than what you can pay.
  • More filters: you can further narrow down the search by specifying residency status requirement, age, gender, etc.

Read profile and reviews

After you have got a shortlist of candidates, you can click on their listing to view full profile and read reviews from previous employers.

Their full listing will show you in details of their skills, knowledge, experience, availability, etc.

Reviews give you unbiased feedback from previous hirers who have hired the candidate in the past.

Send a hiring request

If you have not logged in, make sure to log in with your Spare Staff account first. Or sign up for a free account, confirm your email address then log in.

Once you’ve decided on a particular candidate, you can make an offer to hire him/her by filling in start and end date of your hire, roster, and after-tax weekly wage offer, then click on Request to hire button.

Note that the request is not yet sent when you click the button. You’ll be taken to the next page to complete more details for your hiring request:

Complete this screen, enter a message about the role and why the candidate should join your firm.

In the next screen, you’ll be prompted to provide a billing method.

No payment is processed at this step.

Only if the poster accepts your hiring request, and when you’re ready to activate and fund the first roster for the employee, your billing method will be used to fund the roster.

Click Send hiring request button to send the request to the poster to review.

The hiring will now show under Your Hirings page as a “Pending” request:

If you change your mind, you can withdraw the request before the poster has accepted it. An withdrawn request will be removed from the hiring list. There is no fee to withdraw the request.

Similarly, the poster will also see your hiring request in his/her hiring reservation page.

The poster can review your offer and chooses to accept or decline your offer.

Send messages to poster

Before or after the poster has accepted or declined your hiring request, you and the poster can send messages to each other for any questions.

Make sure not to share contacts, email addresses, tel numbers, payment details in your messages to avoid scams and spam.

Accepted hiring request, assigning rosters

After the poster has accepted your hiring request, you’ll need to start onboarding the employee.

First, you’ll need to assign rosters to the new hired employee.

To do this, open Your Hirings page, find the accepted hiring and click View Hiring button.

You’ll be taken to the hiring page. A notice may popup explaining that you need to activate a roster for the employee.

To assign rosters to the employee, click Add or edit rosters button.

Then click Add roster button to add a new roster in. The new roster will have pre-filled data according to your hiring request, saving you time from re-entering the details.

If you make a mistake, you can edit or delete a roster by clicking the pencil or bin icon button correspondingly.

When you’ve finished, enter an optional message to the poster, and click Send changes button.

The poster will be notified by email about the roster. He/she will also see the same roster in his/her reservation page on our website.

Activate and fund the first roster

Now you’ve assigned rosters for your new employee, when you’re ready for the employee to start work, you’ll need to activate and fund the first roster.

The employee will not start work before the first roster is funded.

To do that, click Activate button of the first roster.

You’ll be prompted to pay with your nominated billing method (credit card) to fund the roster.

After you’ve activated the roster, it will show as Active and Funded.

The poster will receive an email notification. He/she will also see that there is an active roster in his/her hiring reservation page.

Your payment is not yet released to the poster. The fund is securely held in our escrow at this stage.

Now the employee will need to start work for the active roster.

Paying employee for the work done

After the employee has delivered the work for the roster, you will need to release the fund from escrow to the poster account.

Click on Pay now button, click Next. You’ll then be prompted to enter how much to release from escrow to the poster.

If you’re completely satisfied with the work, enter the full roster amount and click Send payment button.

If for some reason, you choose not to release the full roster amount, enter a smaller amount and click Send payment button.

Any leftover money from escrow can be used to fund the next roster.

To continue hiring the employee, activate the next roster.

End the hiring contract

When you no longer need to hire the employee (e.g. the job has been completed successfully), or if things do not work out (e.g. the employee underperforms), you and the poster can choose to end the hiring contract at any time.

We recommend that you give an advance notice to the employee before ending the hiring contract.

To end the hiring contract, click End hiring button. Note that the hiring contract will not be ended immediately when you click this button.

In the next screen, you’ll be prompted to leave a public review for the employee. You’ll also have space to give private feedback to Spare Staff about your experience with the employee.

If there is any money in escrow, you’ll be prompted to make a final payment to the poster that he/she might be entitled to. You can choose to pay nothing, or pay a partial amount, or pay the full amount.

At the bottom of the review screen, click End hiring button to finish the process. The hiring will be ended immediately when you click this button.

If you chose not to pay the full amount, we will contact the poster to confirm if he/she agrees to refund the remaining fund to you.

If the poster agrees with the refund, or does not respond within 7 days, we will refund the remaining fund to your original billing method.

If the poster disputes with the refund, one of our team members will step in and contact both parties to help resolve the conflict.

Your public review for the employee will be visible on the employee profile for the public to see. Reviews help our community safe and make us a trusted place.

Discriminative or offensive reviews may be removed by Spare Staff later.

The poster will receive an email confirming the hiring has been ended and asked to write a review for you.

You can find reviews about you, and reviews that you’ve written in your profile page.