How do I hire an employee on Spare Staff

Hiring an employee on Spare Staff is as easy as doing your online shopping!

Start by posting a FREE job ad

On our homepage, click the Post a FREE job ad button:

In the next screen, click Post a FREE job ad button to get started. If you have not logged in, you will be prompted to Sign-in with your account. Sign up for a new account (email verification required) if you do not have an account with us.

You will then be taken to a page to post a free job ad:

Fill in the form, click Continue. Fill in your company details then click Publish and your free job ad will go live immediately.

Note: job ads must represent genuine job opportunities. Hirers must represent organisations who are legally operating in Australia. Otherwise it will be removed from our platform at our discretion.

Job seekers will then be able to submit their “online resume” (called a Listing) to your job ad. We will notify you by email when a new candidate applies.

Manage your job ads

To view, manage your job ad, first Sign-in with your account, then click on the avatar icon at the top right corner, select Your Job Ads:

Find the job ad you want to view applicants, you’ll see how many applicants have applied for the job. Click on the orange link to view all candidates:

In the next screen, you’ll see all applicants and their listings:

Search for the right candidates

Enter keywords for your search, select optional classification, enter preferred location for your search and click the Search button.

In the keyword box (first box on the left), you can try searching by name of the role that you’re filling. For example: “Waiter”, or “Web designer”.

You can also try searching by skills of candidates that you’re looking for. For example: “Javascript”, or “WordPress”, search results will show available candidates who have listed these skills in their listings.

Search results will show candidates who are within the select location radius. Candidates whose skills and experience that are the most relevant to your keyword will rank higher in the search results. Candidates who are least relevant to your keywords will still be included in the search results but will rank lower in the search results.

Note: candidates who are out of your selected location radius will not be included in the search results.

In search result page, you can further narrow down your search by applying search filters:

  • Date: select start and end date that you want to hire. This will filter out candidates who are not available between the dates.
  • Availability: specify if you’re looking for full-time, or part-time, or casual roles. For example, if you’re looking for one who is available full-time, this will filter out candidates who are not available full-time.
  • Hourly Rate: Each candidate has set a minimum hourly rate that he/she expects to get paid. This will filter out candidates who are expecting a rate that is higher (or lower) than what you can pay.
  • Other filters: you can further narrow down the search by specifying residency status requirement, languages etc.

Skill Experience filter

You can narrow search results further by using the Skill Experience filter button:

In the Skill experience filter window, select a skill/experience from the drop down list.

For example, if you select “customer service 1 year”, all candidates who have specified that they have 1 or more years of “customer service” experience will rank higher in search results. Candidates who have not specified the year of their “customer service” experience will still be included in search results but they will rank lower in the list.

Read profile. resume, and reviews

After you have got a shortlist of candidates, you can click on their listing to view full profile and read reviews from previous employers.

Their full listing is like an online resume that will show you in details of their skills, knowledge, experience, availability, etc.

Basic details:

Description, experience, skills etc:

Availability, asking wage, reviews:

Reviews give you unbiased feedback from previous hirers who have hired the candidate in the past.

Send instant messages to Poster

If you’re interested in arranging an interview/trial with a candidate, you can take offline actions such as traditional phone calls, or SMS to contact the candidate to arrange a face-to-face discussion.

Alternatively, you can use our instant online messaging to send messages to the Poster (the Poster is the person who listed this candidate, it could be the job seeker him/herself, or an employment agency).

We will send email notification to the Poster about your messages and he/she can reply instantly. You will also receive an email notification when you have a reply.

Send an Interview/Trial request

You can send an interview/trial request to the Poster by clicking Request an Interview/Trial button:

fill in the form and click Send button. An email notification will be sent to both the Poster and you.

Note: You can include contact details such as location, email address, tel number in the Interview/Trial request.

Reminder emails to Posters

If the Poster does not reply to the first message, reminder emails will be sent to the Poster.

As emails may go unnoticed, or end up in Junk/Spam folder, or bounced (eg recipient mailbox is full or have issues), we recommend users to follow up by SMS or phone calls.

For the safety of our users, messages and Interview/Trial requests must represent genuine job opportunities offered by organizations operating legally in Australia, otherwise it will be removed at our discretion.