Before hiring an Employee from our platform, you need to create a Spare Staff Account. You can find employees in a straightforward and easy way by searching on the homepage. For specific job types, fields, dates, pricing and locations, use the search filter to find the exact Employee you’re looking for. 

To learn more about each Poster, view their profile to check whether their skills, experiences and education suit your needs. You can also use our messaging platform to introduce yourself and communicate with the Poster before sending an offer. 

When you’ve found a suitable employee, you can then make an offer. This includes first choosing a Start Date and an estimated End Date (the End Date will not end the hiring automatically). You’ll also need to create a default roster for when you’d like your employee to work, and a wage offer. Then, provide the Employee with a Job Title and job description, as well as their location of work by sending them a message. Finally, save a payment method for this hiring reservation. Note: The hirer will not be charged for sending this offer. 

The Poster has 48 hours to accept or decline this offer. As a hirer, you might want to send an offer at least 48 hours before you expect the employee to work.