How do I edit my resume?

If you have never applied for a job on our website, apply for one first to build your first resume listing.

To edit your existing resume listing, click on the avatar icon menu at the top right corner, select Your Resumes:

You’ll see list of your current resume listings. Ones under Listed tab is ready to be used to apply for jobs.

To edit a resume, click the Edit button.

On the next page, you can edit your personal details, availability, skills, etc.

You’ll also find your previously uploaded resume under Resumes & Skills tab. To replace with a new resume file, click the bin icon, then upload a new file.

Your online resume section is text that was extracted from your uploaded resume file that help employers quickly find your profile. This is part of Application Tracking System (ATS).

ATS is used by many companies. If your uploaded resume file is not readable by ATS, consider replacing it with a new one.


Updating your resume listing will update to all jobs that you’ve applied for. Employers will always see your latest resume, availability, contacts.

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