How do I change a hiring?

When you send a hiring request, the roster you submit becomes the default roster for the Employee. However, this can be changed anytime, either manually every roster release or automatically by changing the default roster itself.

Editing General Rosters

When rosters are activated and funded, it can no longer be altered and you would have to wait for the next roster cycle. Hirings can be changed for inactive rosters, in the instance where you created a roster and changed your mind. This can be done in Your Hirings > View Hiring, for the nominated Employee. Then, click Add or Edit Rosters, choose the roster you would like to change and edit it using the pencil icon. Choose the dates and times as you require and don’t forget to change the after tax wage offer (if needed). Once you click Send Changes, the new rosters will be delivered to the Poster via email. You can also add a message to the Poster, specifying the changes you have made.

Editing the Default Roster

The default roster is the roster you submitted with the hiring request. This is shown as the prefilled weekly rosters to help you add rosters faster (so you don’t need to select days and times again). The default roster can be changed using the pencil icon, next to the heading Default Roster. Note that editing the Default Roster will not affect existing rosters and will only be used as a prefilled roster of new ones.

Remember to ask the Employee for their availability before changing their rosters. This can be done using our messaging platform, or by including a message when sending new/edited rosters.