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Want to quickly hire sales assistant? You’re in luck! Spare Staff is your go-to hub in Sydney to hire sales assistants for your team. It’s easy – use Spare Staff to post job openings and hire sales assistants without any costs. Our advanced system makes the process simple, connecting you with potential sales assistant candidates rapidly. Plus, no credit card is needed to get started. What makes us different? Unlike other agencies, hiring sales assistants through Spare Staff is free. Start by posting your job, finding suitable candidates, and building your sales team effortlessly. With Spare Staff, hiring sales assistants is a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish!

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Are your team dynamics shifting like never before? Are you eagerly seeking to hire sales assistants who can elevate your crew? Imagine having sales assistants who are like a breath of fresh air – they can mesmerize customers, adeptly manage tasks, and conjure an enchanting shopping experience.

Well, get ready to turn your dreams into reality, because Spare Staff is your golden ticket to put your “hire sales assistant” mission in the spotlight, and the best part? No strings attached! Are you all set to dive into the exciting realm of hiring sales assistants and sculpting your dream team?

Hold onto your credit cards – they can take a backseat! Just share your email, breeze through our snappy registration process, and ta-da! You’re now geared up to unveil your irresistible job listings, all geared towards scouting the finest sales assistants – and guess what? It’s all on the house! Let’s transform your hiring escapade into a celebratory journey of its own!

Hire Sales Assistant in an Instant!

Imagine effortlessly hiring the ideal Sales Assistant, faster than a shooting star streaking across the night sky, all courtesy of our incredible job matching magic! Don’t let the opportunity slip by to hire the perfect sales assistant for your team – it’s literally just a few clicks away.

Are you all set to locate and swiftly hire sales assistants who will be the driving force behind your team’s success? Sales assistants, actively seeking fresh prospects, are congregating within the Spare Staff community, and you hold the power to seamlessly integrate them into your ranks.

Picture this: A gathering of enthusiastic sales assistants, eagerly awaiting your call. They’re primed to dive in, lend their expertise, and elevate your team’s performance. All that’s required of you is to take that leap and launch your very first Sales Assistant job listing today. In doing so, you’re extending an invitation to the perfect team collaborator, someone who will seamlessly merge into your operations, deliver exceptional service, and take your team’s accomplishments to new heights.

Visualize this journey as an exciting expedition – diving headfirst into the world of hiring sales assistants through the platform of Spare Staff. It’s akin to embarking on an adventure, knowing you’re on the brink of unearthing a gem that perfectly aligns with your team’s needs. The process is incredibly straightforward, yet its impact is monumental. And guess what? The rewards are nothing short of remarkable. So, without further ado, take that exhilarating step and transform the act of hiring sales assistant into an unforgettable, triumphant experience!

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Receiving Sales Assistant Candidates in ZERO Seconds!

Facing a shortage in your sales assistant team? Ready to bring in Sales Assistants who will make your operations run smoothly?

No worries, Spare Staff is the solution for hiring Sales Assistants. We give you direct access to a pool of active Sales Assistant candidates. No more waiting around. Whether they’re experienced Sales Assistant pros or newcomers, your perfect match is right here. Hire sales assistant now!

Our secret ingredient? State-of-the-art technology that makes your hiring process super easy. Imagine Sales Assistant candidates knocking on your door in no time.

Say goodbye to long waits and welcome quick, efficient solutions with open arms!

“SpareStaff truly transformed our journey of hiring Sales Assistant. We were in need of someone who not only had the skills but also shared our team’s values. From the moment we joined the platform, we were met with a seamless experience. The interface was user-friendly, and within no time, we had access to a diverse pool of highly motivated Sales Assistant candidates.

What amazed us was the level of customization SpareStaff offered. We could tailor our job listing to highlight the exact qualities we were looking for. The candidates we connected with were not only qualified but also aligned with our company culture.

The platform’s efficient communication tools facilitated smooth interactions. We could easily chat with candidates, schedule interviews, and gather insights to make informed decisions. This convenience saved us valuable time and energy.

Ultimately, SpareStaff’s dedication to simplifying the hiring process and their commitment to delivering quality candidates made all the difference.

Billy hires sales assistants on Spare Staff for his stores!

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About Spare Staff

What is Spare Staff?

Spare Staff is Australia’s premium Free job board with instant candidates.

We are a platform for employers to post jobs in Australia for Free and proactively reach out to available local talents in no time. Job seekers sign up with us to be connected to hundreds of jobs immediately.

Find Sales Assistants online, instantly

Using technology and automation, we connect employers and job seekers in real time.

Empowering hirers – Australia’s Freemium job site

Staff shortage is urgent. You need to find employees fast, NOW! Spare Staff lets you find local workforces in ZERO minutes, see what the market trend is and make fast hiring decisions.

Empowering workers

Everywhere many hirers are putting up “Help wanted” signs but are not seen by workers. Spare Staff helps employers find you even when you cannot actively search for jobs.

Frequently asked questions

Hire a Porter

How can businesses find and hire skilled sales assistants?2023-08-18T23:20:03+10:00

Businesses can use various methods to hire sales assistants, including posting job openings on job boards, using recruitment agencies, or utilizing online platforms like SpareStaff, which connect employers with potential candidates seeking sales assistant roles.

How do sales assistants interact with customers?2023-08-18T23:20:55+10:00

Sales assistants engage with customers by greeting them, answering questions, providing product information, offering recommendations, and addressing concerns. They strive to create a comfortable and informative shopping environment.

Are sales assistants responsible for meeting sales targets?2023-08-18T23:21:55+10:00

Sales assistants may contribute to sales targets by assisting customers, upselling or cross-selling products, and ensuring a positive shopping experience. However, achieving overall sales targets is usually a collaborative effort involving the entire sales team.

What skills are important for a sales assistant to have?2023-08-18T23:22:47+10:00

Sales assistants should possess strong communication skills, customer service abilities, and a friendly demeanor. Additionally, skills in product knowledge, organization, multitasking, and problem-solving are valuable in this role.

General Questions

How do I post a job?2023-06-19T17:23:05+10:00

Simply click on any “Post a Job Ad” button on this page or on our home page to sign up and get started.

You must register with your company email such as name@companyname.com.au

To avoid job scams, if we are unable to verify your company, your job ads and your account will be suspended.

Fill out the job description, select a role in either hospitality or retail to finish off the job posting and view candidates.

How is it possible that I receive resumes instantly?2023-06-19T17:26:58+10:00

We advertise in many places to attract job seekers and use automation to onboard candidates on daily basis.

Our auto job matching, we maintain an up-to-date list of job seekers, both active and passive candidates, for specific roles. Thus, after you’ve posted a job ad, our job-matching automation will show you the current pool of job seekers immediately.

This helps you save time from waiting for applicants. It also helps you find passive candidates (these candidates are employed elsewhere and unable to search for jobs actively, but they’re open to job offers).

How do I know if the candidate wants to work for me?2023-06-19T16:53:31+10:00

Hire staff for hospitality and retail often have less requirements than other industries. Most job seekers have easy job requirements: for example, they prefer jobs that are close to public transport, paying $25/hour minimum, or minimum 20 hours per week. They are most likely open to your job offers if it meets their job requirements.

What makes you difference from other job boards?2023-06-19T16:54:03+10:00

On other job boards, you post a job and then wait for applicants which may take days. Some charge you an upfront fee to post a job regardless of how many applicants you will receive. You’ll receive no more than a resume file and/or cover letter.

Spare Staff differences:

  • You’ll receive candidates instantly (for hospitality and retail only).
  • Our pool of candidates is maintained and up-to-date. Candidates are required to confirm they’re still looking for jobs once a week to keep their applications active.
  • No upfront cost to receive candidates.
  • If a candidate has received interview offers, or is no longer available, we’ll show this information in the candidate’s profile.
  • More than just a resume. Candidate profile includes: location, asking wage, availability, self-rated skills, and optional job preferences such as 20+ hours per week.

sample candidate

Are you a recruitment agency?2023-06-19T16:54:27+10:00

No. We are not a recruitment nor employment agency. We do not review resumes and do not help companies fill vacancies.

Employers are responsible for shorlisting, interviewing to hire a candidate. We do not get involved in this process.


Does Spare Staff charge me any fee if I hire a candidate on Spare Staff?2023-06-19T16:55:00+10:00

No. We’re not a recruitment agency and we do not charge employers any finder fee if you hire a candidate on our site.

We are a job advertisement site for you to post jobs. You will need to shortlist, interview candidates and make a hiring decision yourself. We do not get involved in this process.

We offer optional paid premium features to make your hiring experience easier.

See our Pricing.

How much does it cost to post a job?2023-06-19T16:55:37+10:00

Signing up and posting a job on Spare Staff is completely free. There is no monthly fee required to keep your account and jobs active.

You’ll see our current pool of job seekers immediately after posting a job. You can view candidate’s contacts and contact them to make a hire. There is no fee and we do not get in between.

There are optional paid options to make your hiring experience easier.

See our Pricing.

Does it cost anything to get started and receive candidates?2023-06-19T16:56:33+10:00

No. Signing up and posting job ads are Free and simple with your company email address.

In a free account, you can view our current application pool and candidates’ contacts.

If you’re interested in a candidate, simply reach out to the candidate and ask for an interview. If the candidate is a fit, make an offer and hire him / her. We do not get in between this process nor provide any guarantee that the candidate will work for you.

There are optional paid premium features to make your hiring experience easier.

Each ad runs for 30 days then expires.

See our Pricing.

Do you provide any guarantee that I’ll be able to hire a candidate?2023-06-19T16:57:01+10:00

No. We are an advertising platform, not a recruitment agency. We’ll show you our current pool of job seekers for you to contact for interviews and hire.

As an employer, you still need to “sell yourself” to attract talents by offering, for example, attractive pay rates that are above minimum wage, great company culture etc.

Keep in mind that, if you’re chasing highly skilled/experienced candidates, you will be competing with 20+ other employers due to the shortage of skilled labour in the market.

Post Sales Assistant Jobs for Free. Receive Sales Assistant Candidates Instantly

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