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About Spare Staff

What is Spare Staff?

Spare Staff helps local bars find and hire bartender instantly.

We are a platform for employers to proactively reach out to available local talents in no time. Job seekers sign up with us to be connected to hundreds of jobs immediately.

Hire bartender online, instantly

Using technology and automation, we connect employers and job seekers who look for bartending jobs in real time.

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Bartending staff shortage drives your customers away. You need to hire bartender fast, NOW! Spare Staff lets you find local workforces in ZERO minutes, see what the market trend is and make fast hiring decisions.

Empowering workers

Everywhere many hirers are putting up “Help wanted” signs but are not seen by workers. Spare Staff helps employers find you even when you cannot actively search for jobs.

Frequently asked questions

Hire bartender online

We advertise in many places to attract job seekers who are looking for bartender positions at local venues. We use software automation to onboard them on daily basis.

We maintain an up-to-date list of bartending job seekers, both active and passive candidates. Thus, after you’ve posted a job ad, our job-matching automation will show you the current pool of bartenders immediately for you to review and hire.

This helps you save time from waiting for applicants. It also helps you find passive candidates (these candidates are employed elsewhere and unable to search for jobs actively, but they’re open to job offers).

Most candidates show their bartending experience in previous employment. They have easy job requirements: for example, they prefer jobs that are close to public transport, paying $25/hour minimum, or minimum 20 hours per week. They are most likely open to your job offers if it meets their job requirements.

On other job boards, you post a job and then wait for applicants which may take days. Some charge you an upfront fee first to post a job regardless of how many applicants you will receive. You’ll receive no more than a resume file and/or cover letter.

Hiring bartender is often straightforward. All you need is a list of the current candidates with their profile and experience.

Spare Staff differences:

  • You’ll receive bartending candidates instantly.
  • Our pool of bartending candidates is maintained and up-to-date. Candidates are required to confirm they’re still looking for jobs once a week to keep their applications active.
  • No upfront cost to receive candidates.
  • If a candidate has received interview offers, or is no longer available, we’ll show this information in the candidate’s profile.
  • More than just a resume. Candidate profile includes: location, asking wage, availability, self-rated skills, and optional job preferences such as 20+ hours per week.

sample candidate


Signing up and posting a job on Spare Staff is completely free. There is no monthly fee required to keep your account and jobs active.

You’ll see our current pool of bartenders immediately after posting a job. The candidates will specify their skills, experience and job preference.

You can view candidate’s contacts and contact them to make a hire. There is no fee and we do not get in between.

There are optional paid options to make your hiring experience easier.

See our Pricing.

No. Signing up and posting job ads are Free and simple with your company email address.

In a free account, you can view our current application pool and candidates’ contacts.

If you’re interested in a candidate, simply reach out to the candidate and ask for an interview. If the candidate is a fit, make an offer and hire him / her. We do not get in between this process nor provide any guarantee that the candidate will work for you.

There are optional paid premium features to make your hiring experience easier.

Each ad runs for 30 days then expires.

See our Pricing.

No. We are an advertising platform, not a recruitment agency. We’ll show you our current pool of job seekers looking for jobs as bartender. You’ll then need to shortlist and contact them for interviews and hire.

As an employer, you still need to “sell yourself” to attract talents by offering, for example, attractive pay rates that are above minimum wage, great company culture etc.

Keep in mind that, if you’re chasing highly skilled/experienced candidates, you will be competing with 20+ other employers due to the shortage of skilled labour in the market.

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