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One application, matched with hundreds of jobs

Traditional job hunting has always been time-consuming.

With Spare Staff, simply upload your resume, availability along with other job requirements and your application will be automatically matched with hundreds of jobs.

Jobs that meet your requirements

Simply set your job requirements, and we’ll show them to relevant employers.

For example, you can specify that you’re looking for jobs that pay $25/hour as a minimum, at least 20-hour per week.

Job hunting while you’re sleeping

With Spare Staff, you can do job hunting while sleeping.

Our real-time job-matching automation helps your application be found by employers whenever they’re looking to hire.

Find jobs in 2 steps (Free)

apply for jobs that suit you

Build your profile

Register with your email to create an account, upload your resume with basic details.

search for jobs

Specify your job requirements

Tell us what jobs you’re interested in, set optional requirements such as minimum pay rate, or at least 20 hours per week. Then you’re ready with a few clicks.

The ease of creating my own profile listing helped me decide to join Spare Staff. It saves me so much time from looking around for jobs without getting much luck, and it’s free to create listings so I have nothing to lose.

About Spare Staff

What is Spare Staff?

Spare Staff helps job seekers to be found by local employers instantly.

We are a job marketplace where hirers post jobs and find available local talents in no time. Job seekers sign up with us to be connected to hundreds of jobs immediately.

We’re working toward connecting employers and job seekers in real time.

Empowering workers

Everywhere many hirers are putting up “Help wanted” signs but are not seen by workers. Spare Staff helps employers find you even when you cannot actively search for jobs.

Empowering hirers

A shortage of workers is urgent. You need to hire people fast, NOW! Spare Staff lets you find local workforces in ZERO minutes, see what the market trend is and make fast hiring decisions.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to apply for jobs?How do I know if an employer wants to hire me?

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