So you’re looking to hire hospitality staff but you’re not sure exactly what to be looking for to ensure you hire a great employee? There are certain things you should probably look for in peoples’ Listings depending on the role you’re looking to fill.

For example, if you’re looking for a bartender, make sure that the candidates you are considering have their Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate and maybe even their Responsible Gambling Services (RCG) certificate depending on what you require them to do. Similarly, if you’re looking for a Barista, you might want to check that the Poster’s you are considering have some sort of Barista training course or have prior cafe experience.

Our search filters make this quick and easy. Rather than reading through hundreds of unqualified resumes, search the qualifications you are looking for (e.g. ‘barista’ or ‘RSA’) into the search bar, and only candidates with those qualifications will show up. So save time sorting through redundant resumes and find great hospitality staff on Spare Staff today!