When looking to hire a Sales Representative it is important to look at their professional experience. If the candidate has had any experience in sales roles before, or has studied something relevant at university or TAFE such as business or marketing, this prior Sales experience should help to build trust between you and your potential employee. Also check to see if they have experience in dealing with things like KPI’s, or if they have exceeded expected Sales at their last place of work.

Whether you’re looking for someone to work in an office or travel for door to door sales, doing B2B or B2C, you’re going to need someone with very strong interpersonal and communication skills, so be sure to look for these skills in people’s Listings. Some Sales Representative jobs require employees to engage in Face to Face Sales or cold call prospective clients, which means the best candidate for you will need to be a social, confident person with great negotiation skills. People have listed their skills, qualities, and qualifications in their listings, so be sure to keep an eye out for these keywords.