Email verification

When a user signs up with email, we ask the user to verify his/her email by sending a link to the email.

A candidate’s email used for signup could be different from email on resume.

If a user has not verified email, possible reasons are:

  • The user hasn’t seen the verification email (e.g. it ended up in Spam folder)
  • The user typed in a wrong email at signup
  • The user’s email bounced (eg mailbox full)
  • The user does not own the email

If you send a message to an unverified user, we cannot guarantee that the message will reach the user. A “Delivered” message status does not mean it has reached the user.

If you are an employer, check the candidate’s resume and try contacting the candidate directly from your email, or via phone call/SMS.

Why user needs to verify email

Email verification is necessary to make sure the user owns the email and messages reach the user. It also helps to improve email delivery, improve our email server reputation, and more.