Our mission

Turn hiring, job hunting into a quick, easy, painless, and fun experience.

We ourselves are employers and job seekers. We have gone through the same frustration that you have when you need to hire new employees, or when you need to go job hunting.

Spare Staff is built around the idea that hiring, job hunting should be quick, easy just like your online shopping experience, and it should be “fun” and exciting 🙂

Our core values

We believe hard work, dedication, and determination is the key to our success. Talent will take you far. Hard work will take you all the way to the end – success.

Healthy, balanced work and life

Your life exists in and outside your work. We want everyone to be healthy, live a balanced life, get time to give back, and have the support from our team when they need.

Small team, global mission

As a new startup and growing company, our team is constantly expanding with a number of opportunities.

Joining us means you will wear many hats at any time, contributing to our growing team.

Be part of our team, be part of something extraordinary. Join our team today by adding your listing our website and send us a message to