As a Poster, how do I make changes to a hiring reservation?

At the moment, only a Hirer can change hiring (updating your rosters).

If you want to make changes, send the Hirer messages to discuss changes that you want and ask the Hirer to make the changes under his account.

If a roster has already been activated and funded, it can be edited but cannot be removed. However, the Hirer can choose to release an amount that is less than the amount in escrow (e.g. you were not able to complete the full roster). Any leftover money in escrow can be used to fund the next roster.

If a roster has not been activated and funded, the Hirer can make changes to it.

An email confirmation will be sent to both you and the Hirer after the changes were made.

If you are not satisfied with the hiring reservation, or if you are not comfortable dealing with the Hirer, you can end the hiring anytime, even after the hiring has already started. Similarly, your Hirer can end the hiring anytime.