As a Poster, how do I get paid?

Note: using our online roster and escrow payment system is completely optional for both hirers and posters. Hirers can use their existing payroll system.

Before start working for your Hirer, check if your next roster has been activated and funded by the Hirer to ensure that you’ll get paid.

Visit Your ListingsYour Reservations page and click on View reservation link of the hiring reservation.

If your next roster has been activated and funded, it will show as Active and Funded under Next rosters section of the hiring reservation:

If there is no active roster, contact your Hirer and ask him/her to activate the next roster for you.

The funded roster amount is securely held in escrow.

After you have completed the work according to the funded roster, you can ask your hirer to release the fund from escrow to you. The hirer will need to release the payment before he/she can activate the next roster for you.

Once the Hirer has released the money from escrow to you, this transaction will take 3-5 business days to be processed by our payment gateway. After it has been processed, the fund will become available for you to withdraw to your nominated bank account by clicking on Get Paid Now button under Account SettingsPayout Preferences page.

If you have not set up a Payout method (your bank account), make to click Add payout method button under the Payout Preference page.

The paid roster will be moved to Completed rosters section in the hiring reservation page.