As a Poster, how do I end a hiring reservation?

If you are not satisfied with the hiring, or if you are not comfortable dealing with the Hirer, you can end the hiring anytime, even after the hiring has already started.

Things to consider before ending a hiring reservation:

It’s best practice to give notice to Hirer so that they are aware of your situation and prepared for it.

If you end multiple reservations, your listing ranking may be reduced or temporarily removed from search results.

You will be prompted to leave a review to your Hirer. The Hirer can also write a review about you.

If there is any money in escrow, the fund will automatically be refunded to the Hirer. If you believe that you are entitled to some of the fund, contact your Hirer to release the payment first before ending the hiring reservation.

To end a hiring reservation:

Log into your account.

Click on your icon photo at the top right corner, select Your Listings.

Click Your Reservations at the left.

Find the hiring that you want to end, click on View reservation link.

Click on End Reservation link to start process.

Note that clicking on the End Reservation button will not end the hiring immediately, you will be taken to the next page to leave a review for your Hirer.

On this page, the End Hiring button at the bottom will end the hiring reservation immediately.