As a Hirer, how do I pay wages?

Hirers can pay employee wages using their existing payroll system and Spare Staff does not get involved in this process in any way.

Or hirers can also use our online roster and escrow payment system to pay wages to employees they hire on Spare Staff. This is complete optional for both hirers and employees.

When a Hirer wants to hire and pay an Employee throgh Spare Staff, the Hirer will select Start Date, End Date, a Default Roster, and an After-tax weekly wage offer for the Employee then submit a Request to Hire to the Poster. The request will show in the Hirer’s account under Your Hirings. That same request will show in the Poster’s account under Your Listings – Your Reservations.

The Start Date, End Date is only for the Hirer to send a hiring request to the poster, for review and Accept/Decline the hiring request only. Start Dates and End Dates do not affect hiring. The hiring will not automatically end when it reaches its End Date.

Default Roster: Default Roster is the roster selected by the Hirer in the Request to hire box. This Default Roster is used to fetch data to each new roster whenever the Hirer adds a new roster to the hiring. Changing Default Roster does not affect any existing rosters.

Before Poster accepts or declines the hiring request, the hiring status will be Pending, and the Hirer can Withdraw the request. This will remove the hiring from Your Hirings and Your Reservation pages. Otherwise, the Poster will have options to Accept or Decline the request. If the Poster accepts or declines the request, it will have status Accepted or Declined.

After the hiring request is accepted by the Poster, the Hirer will need to Add rosters for the Employee. The rosters will be emailed to the Poster. The Hirer can edit the rosters if needed.

When the Hirer is ready for the Employee to start work, the Hirer will need to Activate & Fund the next roster. At this point, Hirer will need to make a payment from his nominated billing method (a Credit Card) to activate the roster. The amount the Hirer needs to pay is the amount required to fund the roster.

After a roster is activated, the roster status will be changed from Inactive to Active. The fund is held in Escrow by Spare Staff. The Employee will start work for that roster. Once the work has been completed, the Hirer will need to release the payment from Escrow before they can Activate & Fund the next roster. Spare Staff will then send a Payout of that roster to the Poster’s account.

If for any reason, the Hirer chooses not to release the full roster amount, any leftover fund in escrow can be used to fund the next roster.

The paid roster will be marked as Completed and moved to Completed Rosters section. This cycle continues until the hiring is ended by either Hirer or Poster. Once ended, the hiring status will be changed to Ended.

Because the Stripe payment gateway needs a few days to process transactions, the Poster cannot withdraw the Payout immediately to his bank account. When the Payout is available for withdrawal, it will be added to Poster’s Balance under the Payout Preferences page. The Poster can then withdraw the money to his own bank account.

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