About us

Spare Staff is a Freemium job site, and more to come.

Spare Staff was founded by James Nguyen with a vision of turning a time-consuming, often-frustrating traditional recruitment process into an easy online “shopping” experience for both job seekers and employers.

James runs a small business in Sydney and went through the time consuming traditional hiring process for a number of years.

“When I was a young uni student looking for jobs, I went door to door asking for jobs, submitting dozens of applications but could not get a job. As I build my way up through my career, I have gone through many years of the traditional method of hiring employees job posting, going through hundreds of applications, shortlisting CVs, interviewing candidates, calling for references, then finally making a hire.

Finding jobs and hiring people are just plain difficult and time-consuming. Like many job seekers and employers who relate to this problem, I believe that there has to be a better way.”

However, the idea of having an online platform for employers to find employees easily online was actually not born at that time. Instead, it was through a period of time when his business was in a slow season that he came up with an idea of “employee sharing” between companies and first started Spare Staff around this idea in 2017 (hence the word “spare” in the name).

Eventually, during the process of building Spare Staff, James realized that the business model should not be limited to just employee sharing but it had opened up to a much broader concept: online employee hiring where employers can search and hire any available job candidates, not just a shared employee from another company. It was till then in 2019, that Spare Staff was re-launched with this new concept.